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ShakespeareOFF – apply to perform at Gdansk Shakespeare Festival!

ShakespeareOFF 2020 Competition call is open!

If you have created an artistic event based or inspired by Shakespeare you can apply to present your project in Gdansk, Poland during an international Gdansk Shakespeare Festival, which, this year will take place in November.  The application deadline is 30 July 2020!

The aim of the ShakespeareOFF Competition, established in 2016, is the selection and presentation of the most interesting artistic events based on, or inspired by, the works of William Shakespeare, produced by independent artists from Poland and abroad. The shows selected will be presented as part of the ShakespeareOFF programme at the 24th Gdańsk Shakespeare Festival, and evaluated by the Competition Jury. The total prize fund is 15000 PLN.

ShakespeareOFF 2020 is a part of ”Shaking the Walls” project, co-financed as part of European Union’s Creative Europe programme. The aim of the project is the artistic interpretation of walls, divisions, borders – physical or metaphorical – everything that separates people from each other, both individuals, as well as social or ethnic groups, including nations and countries. The topic of ”Shaking the Walls” project is the keynote theme of ShakespeareOFF 2020.