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Spiky language? / Feisty art – a debate

Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre has inaugurated a series of debates which will serve as a diagnostic tool relating to various walls and barriers in our society.

During the first debate, which took place on 9th May at 6pm, the discussion was focused on the language of public discourse and art. The diagnosis was be related to the expression of hate speech in social communication, media and social media as well as in reactions to theatre and art bluntly commenting contemporary world.

The panelists included: Dr Joanna Lisiewicz (educator and drama specialist), Paweł Łysak (theatre director), Zygmunt Zmuda-Trzebiatowski (politician), Dr Jacek Socha (priest, teologian). The dabate was moderated by Dorota Karaś (reporter, Gazeta Wyborcza journalist).

photos: Dawid Linkowski

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