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SUSS! by RaTaTam – shows in November 2019

SUSS! is a performance based on interviews with perpetrators, victims and family members who have experienced domestic violence. It was made from 200 hours of video interviews. The performance was funded by Nordisk Kultur Fund, Reykjavik City and crowd funded with the help of Karolina Fund. SUSS! was very well received, and RaTaTam gained nomination as the Art Group of Reykjavik City 2017.

Within Shaking the Walls project the performance will be developed to include educational background and targeted at the communities where discrimination issues are strong and recurrent. Workshops will be created for young people who are just going to start creating meaningful relationships in their soon-to-be adult life in order to deal with the issues, their fears, creating empathy and methods of dealing with unhealthy social situations regarding violence, discrimination and sexual assault.

The programme of educational presentations will start in November 2019 at the Reykjavik City Theatre in collaboration with the Ministry of Welfare and associations working around the issues related to domestic violence in Iceland.